We are not a translation agency

Lund Translation Team had a really productive meeting yesterday. A couple of weeks ago we decided to start using a template for our agendas and appoint a timekeeper to keep track of each item on the agenda. This has made sure we always address important issues and still manage to keep within our schedule.

We get a lot of inquiries from people who assume we are a translation agency; we are not. Lund Translation Team is a joint brand shared by multiple freelance translators, each with their own sole proprietorships and accounting. We share joint marketing costs, spread the brand name by using it in our marketing  and market each other’s services together as a whole. Everyone still invoices separately and charges clients for the work they do individually.

We also share tips on quoting, pitching and other business practices to help each other with terms, sentences, CAT tools and all kinds of work-related issues. And it is very rewarding socially too, we have so much fun when we see each other. I always look forward to our meetings!





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